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Any Member in good standing of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania my become a member of the Association if he or she either maintains a primary office in Butler County, Pennsylvania, for the practice of law, is employed in Butler County, PA, in the legal profession, or resides in Butler County, PA.

CLE Events

  • Mon, 12/09/2019 - 9:00am
    As a smart attorney, you know that stellar legal knowledge can only take you so far. To be truly successful and persuasive you need to master the art of influence—and that starts with communicating your ideas effectively to wide array of audiences. This lively, interactive program will teach you the small, controllable steps anyone can take to increase his or her ability to engage and persuade others. You’ll learn how to instantly build rapport and connect with people from word one. Whether you’re taking part in a panel discussion, arguing in court, or presenting to prospects or clients, the real-world insights taught in this CLE can be applied right away. Learn how to avoid the common traps that alienate audiences and captivate your listeners so that they listen more and retain more of what you’re saying. Harness the secrets of improv to think better on your feet, elevate your stage presence, and boost your authenticity to connect with any group. Best of all, these skills will be an asset to you throughout your career. $349 6 substantive
  • Tue, 12/10/2019 - 9:00am
    This seminar examines three contracts filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in recent high profile IPO transactions. We will explicate provisions from a services agreement that is exceptionally well drafted, an employment agreement that is typically drafted, and a commercial lease that is downright ugly. We’ll discuss the specific techniques that produce excellent drafting and pinpoint the mistakes that talented lawyers continually make. We’ll introduce practical techniques to help experienced drafters hone their contract drafting skills, improve their work, and avoid ghastly errors. 5 substantive 1 ethics

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The Butler County Legal Journal is published every Friday. The deadline for advertisements is the preceding Friday by noon, although holidays may alter this deadline.

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