PBI: Powerful Witness Preparation

Every caring lawyer involved in litigation has experienced the stress (trauma?) of wondering and worrying about witness testimony. Powerful Witness Preparation provides a modern prescription for persuasive verbal and non-verbal witness communications that will benefit every lawyer - regardless of experience (or inexperience). Dan Small, a highly-respected, experienced litigator - and witness expert walks you through the methods, procedure and rules that will make your witness a powerful, compelling communicator.
Dan's incredible breadth of experience will help you:
Develop expertise, or even modest success, in witness preparation that takes most lawyers years to learn.
Minimize the pain inherent in inadequate or improper witness preparation.
Discover new tips, tactics and techniques that will make you a more effective advocate.
Bridging the Gap
The perception gap
The conversation gap
The audience gap
Understanding the Need
Treacherous environment
Unnatural environment
Deceptive environment
Understanding the Audience
Humanize the witness
Humanize the party
Simplify the language
Simplify the message
Understanding the Challenge
Three mistakes witnesses make
Seven mistakes lawyers make
The Process
Preparation - key steps
Preparation checklist
Key goals
The Rules
Basic principles
Framing the message
The 10 rules
Making an impact
Adapting to the Situation
Interview v. testimony
Deposition v. trial
Direct v. cross
Expert Witness
Role of the expert
Expert/attorney relationship
Independence of experts
Expert communications
Ethical Challenges - Preparation Does Not Mean Coaching!
Extremes and reality
The perjury dilemma
Conventional wisdom vs. the new order
Core Themes/Home Bases
Understanding the Keys
The witnesses' bill of rights

5 substantive
1 ethics

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08:30 to 15:30
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