PBI: The Constitution

Every lawyer who presents a Motion to Suppress or argues that the other side has not "met its burden" is standing on the backs of those who created the U.S. Constitution. But how many lawyers truly know the dramatic story of how – and why – this document came about? Join us on a journey through time and space through the difficult months of debate that took place at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia; along the tortuous path to ratification and through the first years of implementation which gave flesh and blood to a vague and broad framework. Meet some of the most interesting people who have ever lived along the way including Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and more.

3 substantive
1 ethics

Friday, August 9, 2019 -
09:00 to 13:15
240 S. Main Street
Butler, PA 16001
POINT (-79.8949644 40.859704)