PBI: Kids in Cyberspace

Texts, Emails, Posts & Pictures—Friendly or Fiendish?
We can count on our children to know far more than we do about technology. With a few simple clicks, they navigate to places beyond the scope of their parents’ imagination—places that may bring them in contact with harmful content, unsafe individuals, and illegal activities. Unfortunately, the law struggles to keep up with these dangers, often keeping pace a step or two behind.
Join PBI for a journey into cyberspace and learn how to navigate against these dangers.
The Evolution of Cyberprotection of Kids
Current Trends In Risky Cyber Behavior
Criminalizing Cyberbullying Through Cyber-Harassment and Related Cyber Crimes
Gaming addiction in teenagers
Cyber-Regulation of Businesses and Online Marketing
Schools on the Front Lines
Cyber-Savvy Parenting
Sex-Trafficking and the Internet – Protecting Our Most Vulnerable, High-Risk Kids

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019 -
09:00 to 16:00