Mission & Leadership

Butler County Bar Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Butler County Bar Association is to advance the science of jurisprudence; to promote the administration of justice; to see that no one, on account of poverty, is denied his or her legal rights; to secure proper legislation; to encourage a thorough legal education; to uphold the honor and dignity of the bar; to cultivate social interaction among the lawyers of Butler County, Pennsylvania, and to perpetuate the history of the profession and the memory of its’ members.

Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Maryann Bozich-DiLuigi, President

Thomas Breth, Vice President

Michael D. Gallagher, Secretary

Michael J. Pater, Treasurer

Karen M. Berg

Andrea L. Boyle

Kelley I. Harley

Michael S. Lazaroff

Susan B. Lope

David L. Montgomery

Nicole Thurner-Kievit, YLD President

Leo M. Stepanian II


Foundation Officers and Board of Directors
Maryann Bozich-DiLuigi, Chair
Thomas E. Breth, Vice Chair
Sean M. Gallagher, Secretary
Michael J. Pater, Treasurer
Michael D. Hnath
William J. Schenck
Patrick M. Casey
Young Lawyers Board

Nicole Thurner-Kievit,  President

Jamey C. Belin, Vice President

Sean M. Gallagher, Secretary

David M. Crissman, Treasurer